Amara’s Interiors Blog Award

Few weeks ago my blog was nominated for Amara’s Best Interior Designer Blog. I was so surprised, honoured and excited! I’ve been working so hard over the past year to make my blog a reflection of me as a designer and as a person. I’ve designed it from scratch and put lots of hours into¬†it. I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve changed things as I went along and I wrote about topics that sometimes were difficult to write about especially the ones about my personal and business experiences. I discovered great new artists which I highlight in my “Artist in Spotlight” series. Through my blog I also reignited my interest in fashion as an inspiration for my projects but also my personal style.¬†As¬† mother of two young children I felt I lost my style identity but through my blog I’ve¬†been¬†slowly learning how to dress the way I want to¬† and how it makes me feel. I use my blog to¬†share my¬†DIY makeovers, my design processes¬†from initial drawing proposals to complete photo shoots which I hope give you insight into what designers actually do and what we are about.

I have so much more I want share on¬†my blog¬†and a vision I have for my blog to be¬†– new features, new content, new technology. So if you are enjoying reading it, please click on the link below and vote. And if you’re not, please take a minute to browse to get to know me. There is only until Friday 3rd October¬†to vote. So let’s give it a last push! Everyone that votes will automatically go into a draw to win Virgin Experience vouchers. So go on and vote now!



Thank you so much everyone. Hope I’ll have a good news for you soon.

Karolina Barnes


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