Small study design

When I was discussing some concept ideas for this home office design, I was very surprised where we found the inspiration from in the end. After going through so many inspirational ideas, which would help me with the design, I was quite desperate to get something I could take as a starting point. You see, dealing with woman client and man client is a completely different ball game. I learned that I have to approach them in completely different ways. I think many women are quite visual and so finding inspiration or ideas for concept is a very familiar process. It’s almost like an instinct.

However, with men it’s so different. In the end, I asked my client to go in his wardrobe and take the first tie out that he likes. “No decision making, just pick the one which you like the most.” ¬†I said to him. ¬†And bingo! Finally, I got something I could take and turn into a design proposal. Today I’m showing you exactly that.

The¬†colour palette on the tie features dark grey with a punch of pink and purple shades and tones. ¬†It’s striped at angle with dark rich grey as a background and 4 different shades and tones of purple/pink are running across it at different thicknesses. From deep rich purple to soft lavender, from thin to thick stripes.

I chose the textures and textiles on the basis of the fabric on the tie. Plus, I added his favourite colour in the mix..mustard yellow to complete the 4 core colour scheme. Here they are..

This is where they’re going to go in the room and how it’s¬†going to look.



Here’s the opposite wall..


I’m mixing metallic grey striped wallpaper with velvet and linen embroidered geometric fabrics and textured rug. There is a leather pouf, stainless steel lighting and side table. There is a wooden masculine writing desk, green banker’s table lamp (to disturb the scheme a bit) ¬†and marbled notice board. There will be Jazz posters and statement ceiling pendant to inject some individuality and interest. It’s going to be awesome. I will be sharing all my resources and the final pictures with you¬†very soon.

Have a great weekend & Father’s Day! ¬†Hopefully, it’s going to be a sunny one..finger’s crossed.


Karolina Barnes Studio