Super quick girl’s bedroom makeover

Since I did my teen daughter’s bedroom makeover earlier this year, I’ve been promising to upgrade¬†my other daughter’s bedroom. And because the end of the year is approaching fast (I promised I do it this year!!) and I’m being constantly reminded of my pinky promise (I guess I won’t get any peace until it’s done), I’ve decided to allocate one full day ¬†to this project next week and just do it. She’s definitely¬†grown out of her Mermaid themed room and so we’re looking to change it up a bit. She still wants pink but after going through several wallpaper options¬†we decided to go for this Harlequin Limosa paper.



I placed the order today and hopefully it will arrive on time so I can take the old wallpaper down¬†and put this one up. I must admit that it’s not a good time to do the makeover, Christmas is¬†already a big strain on us, but we agreed that I will do the makeover with every resource I can find around the house. Luckily I have loads of fabric leftovers from my other projects plus I’m well stocked up for my cushion collection so hopefully I will be able to find something that will go with it¬†to pull the room together.

The wallpaper also comes in these colour options and as always with Harlequin the pattern is available in fabric as well. I love it!! I thinks it’s perfect for a little girl’s room, nursery or even utility room.


Stay tuned for my super quick mini makeover before Christmas! xkb