10 design tips for modern family interiors

I was speaking to one of my friends recently and she got me thinking. We are all bombarded these days with picture perfect interiors from every angle. It’s like in fashion industry. The perfect models photoshopped to realistically believable idealism. More in fashion than in interiors, this topic is a very debatable issue.

While visual media, online and offline, are great source of inspiration, the more I consume them myself, the more I think that they are not helping us in creating our family homes that are functional and stylishly unique at the same time. What’s more, I find trends so dominating that there is a certain loss of individualism which should be, I believe, expressed in our homes in the first place.


That’s why I sat down over the last few weekends and wrote 10 practical design tips for family friendly interiors. I wanted to give you something which you can immediately apply in your home and that will massively improve your interiors. You know you have a vision and you sort of push it all the way towards it but then slowly and gradually, over time, your space looses its initial “wow factor” or “the feeling” you want to experience each time you walk in. Instead you feel drained just looking at it.

In 10 practical design tips for family friendly interiors I share my secret weapon to keep my home looking how I always had it pictured in my head. It’s super easy to maintain, which doesn’t take me hours to clean or “looking like it’s clean and organised”. Everyone who comes to our house at any time of the day is always surprised that even with kids around, the house is “so beautiful and welcoming”. My neighbour always wonders how I do it.

There are many solutions and systems which help me to keep it looking that way. We all read about clutter control and storage ideas but I also have some “rules and techniques” which I share in 10 practical design tips for family friendly interiors. It’s not only about having enough furniture and storage, it’s also about a mental shift. None of the tools, we are advised to get, will work for you long term. You need to add another element to the mix.


So while I give you some really great ideas about effective, great looking, unique and stylish furniture storage solutions, I also give you advice on how to keep your home looking clean, organised and welcoming ALL THE TIME. Now, it’s up to you to go and implement it all. The 10 practical design tips for family friendly interiors guide is completely free and you can download it straight away. To gain access simply click on the image below and fill in your details.

Let me know if you have any design dilemmas, I’m happy to help.


Karolina Barnes Studio