3 schemes for boys if you don’t know where to start

In my last post I showed you 3 schemes for girls if you don’t know where to start. Today it’s boys turn. Similar upgrade age group 8 -10 and beyond. Same principles apply here as well – minus floral pattern, of course. To quickly recap, I follow SML rule. This means that we’re mixing small – medium – large scale prints and pattern for balance. We don’t want to have too many big, bold patterns or too many small prints in the room.

I came up with these 3 colour schemes.


Option 1. is pretty straightforward. Classic blue is mixed with red and counter-balanced with grey shades (dark) and tones (light). Textures add personality and interest. Round wallpaper pattern (e.g. for the feature wall) is grounded with zig zags and stripes. Even though the colour scheme may seem quite on a darker side, imagine it with white tones on walls and white furniture. As long as you work within 50% light – 50% dark ratio, the room isn’t going to look dark. As I say; the shell is white/light and we’re adding colours /accents into it.


You might be surprised but most colours are gender neutral. Lime green is one of them. Pair it with rose pink and voila; perfect girly combo. Pair it with blue, turquoise or teal and welcome to the perfect colour scheme for boys. This is much lighter scheme with dark shades only used as accents. Only as a reference; here and there. Maybe in form of a dark armchair or piece of furniture.  Here again,  large stripes (on the wallpaper) are balanced with various geometric shapes and lots of texture. Very fresh and stylish look that definitely won’t age that quickly.


Option 3. is about embracing earthy colours; orange, terracotta, brown and anthracite. I added the geometric fabric on the top right to disrupt the scheme a bit with blue. Very sophisticated yet playful scheme, which I based on textures rather than mixing patterns. I started building the scheme with the geometric wallpaper on the top middle and added sandstone, dark chocolate and punchy orange for pop of colour.

If you haven’t done so, please check out my 3 scheme for girls here. As always, let me know if you need any help. I’m always happy to help and put you in the right direction. You can tweet me or contact me via here.