3 schemes for girls if you don’t know where to start

Time and time again I get asked these questions: What scheme should I..? What style? What colours? Where do I start? I think that because there is so much information available, so many products to choose from; it can be very overwhelming and confusing for anybody. The key really is to filter out all the noise and really focus and narrow it down. Take the best bits. The best ideas. But still, remain true to your own instinct and vision.

If you don’t have a vision and have absolutely no clue where to start, I’m going to show you few ideas which hopefully will set you on the right tract. Maybe it will spark or trigger something. As I’m just in the middle of my daughter’s bedroom upgrade, so today I’m showing you 3 simple colour schemes for a girl’s room. Now, all of them I see as an upgrade from pre-schooler to pupil, anything between 7, 8ish to 10 years of age. But these schemes can go all the way to teen girls and beyond.

Gilrs-room-scheme1Option 1. started with the floral fabric in the middle. I built the whole scheme around it. The fabric is quite girly and ageless, yet bright and fun. When working with large prints, you need to work with scale. I go by SML (small-medium-large) rule. Pick geometric patterns in medium and small scale. This is shown on the orange geometric fabric, teal metallic wallpaper and the duck egg textured fabric in the bottom right corner. SML. See? To break up the patterns, I also introduced stripes. Can you spot them? This is to give the scheme another dimension and interest. Teal and orange is such a great combo but because there are both quite strong colours, calm them down with light neutrals. I used one of F&B whites to do so.

Girls love lilac. So this Option 2. is about embracing lavender shades and tones. Now lilac, lavender, whatever you want to call it, on its own is pretty bland. Pair it with neutral and you are on the way for creating a very calm and sophisticated scheme. But, inject some yellow and the whole scheme comes alive. Just a pop, here and there. That’s all you need to make the room personal. I started with geometric wallpaper. Then I picked the large print ikat fabric on the right and matched it with some textured but plain fabrics. I also added stripes, in form of the velvet / zebra fabric on the far left and the multi-coloured one below that, and small-scale pattern. If you really want to show some personality, you can also add the big yellow leaf wallpaper. Maybe just a touch of it on a noticeboard or framed as a piece of art. Equally, it would work really well on an accent wall. For the really brave little ladies!!


For girls who love pink but want something more “grown up”, this is the perfect colour combo for them. The whole Option 3. scheme started with the duck egg birds wallpaper. Again, I pulled the colours out and matched it with the fuchsia pink fabric (the one with copper oriental -ish pattern going on). And again, I broke up the scheme with stripes – on the velvet fabric and geometrics – on the bottom left fabric. Pink and blue is a classic combo. If you are using stronger colours, like fuchsia, don’t forget to balance them out with neutrals. Use them as accents for interest.

Hope this helps. Tweet me your comments or questions. If you need more one-on-one advice, I’m offering a free Skype consultation. Just get in touch via my contact page. xkb