3 tips for rendering techniques

I have been rendering a floor plan today and wanted to share with you 3 really good and simple tips to keep your work neat, clean and precise.

Number 1.  Protect your work
I must admit that I was little bit out of action (in terms of rendering) and had to go back into the groove. I haven’t done any drawing for the last 6 months. I do enjoy it and rendering as well but for the last year I have been learning more about CAD softwares, Vectorworks and Sketchup in particular. Anyway, so today I had a task to render a bathroom plan, which I did quite a while ago, and after about an hour and half of hard work I did this..


Can you see that little smudge at the top? Disaster! Luckily little bit of Tipp-Ex did the job but I was little bit lazy and what I should have done (as I used to) was to protect my white area outside the drawing with a Post-It note like this..


So when you are rendering, especially where black is involved, cover your borderline with a bit of paper or Post-It note. It can get little bit messy with small particles leaving marks on your paper and hands too! It really saves you time and keeps your work clean.Number 2. Colour in your walls black
When you’re rendering a plan, don’t keep your walls white. Colour your walls – external, internal, partitions – all in black or very dark colour so there is a clear indication of dimensions and boundaries. Like this one drawn by a Spanish artist Inaki Aliste Lizarralde.

See how immediately the shape and layout of the space on this plan is clearly defined?Number 3. Colour in your windows light blue
My last tip is to colour your windows with light blue pencil. I used to ignore this part of the plan and concentrated more on the rendering of the floor and furniture. However,  add a hint of light blue in the window frame to indicate the glass, so it shows that you have paid attention to every detail. Study the image above or look at mine..


This is a close up of a photocopy but you can see the blue is coming through a little.

Stay tuned for more tips.. and if you are rendering..Good Luck!



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