3 ways to make your bed

Hi guys, it’s Ask the Designer today and I got asked the other day what are the ways to make a bed in the morning which are super quick and the bed looks nice, clean and welcoming. Everybody likes to jump in a nicely made bed in the evening after a long hard day (I hope!) so I came up with 3 ways how to make your bed.

Now before I show you my 3 ways, I need to tell you the key rule to successful bed making … is LAYERING.  Without layers your bed will never ever look the way you want. By layers I mean pillows, cushions, sheets, duvets, covers and blankets. You need to layer them, mix them up and then you will achieve a nicely made bed. Think about the last hotel you stayed in. Hotel decors are perfect for inspiration which you can use in your home too. You don’t need to replicate exactly how you see it. You just need to take the idea of layering and translate it into your bedroom environment. So let’s get down to the 3 options.

First option

This option I call “Bed with an oversized pillow duvet“. It’s basically a spare duvet stuffed into an oversized pillow / sausage. This is how it looks like..


Second option

This is what I call ” Bed with a decorative duvet“. If you have a pretty bedding which you want to show off and which is a vital part of your overall bedroom design – for example because of its pattern, colour or texture, then show it off. Here are some ideas…


Third option

The third option I call “Bed with a cover and duvet“. The bed is first covered with a layer of protective sheet or cover and then decorated with a duvet at the end of the bed. Here are some examples…


Now I want you to implement one of these ideas in your home so I’m giving you essential shopping list for this weekend. No more badly made beds. You have no excuses now!!

how to make your bed

Shopping sources:  1 Anthropologie duvet set £148 / 2 Mustard yellow velvet cushion from John Lewis £19 / 3 Pink woollen blanket from Amazon £45 / 4 Orange striped cushion from Zazzle £29.95 / 5 Ikea fluffy bed cover £15

All images via my Bedroom board on Pinterest, cover photo via Houzz, all others are designed by Lucy & Company and my project.

Happy shopping!

Karolina Barnes Studio


PS. Let me know if you are stuck on ideas for your bedroom. I’m happy to help. Just contact me via my contact page. BTW which option do you like? Do tell!


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      Thank you Donna! Shame that your cats would destroy it. I know cats love the bed! I bought our bed cover in Ikea because we had our bed full of cat’s hair but she was very good and didn’t do anything with it. Karolina x

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