5 best UK interiors blogs

When I started blogging almost 15 months ago, I was mainly reading U.S. based interiors and lifestyle blogs. I just didn’t know where to start looking for the U.K. blogs. I wanted to find them but I just didn’t know where they were. When I googled interior design blogs most websites listed the usual “suspects” – Apartment Therapy, Designsponge, Decor8 which they are all great. I still follow them all on bloglovin.

But it took me almost 6 months to find the British bloggers. The way I found them in the end was through one of those “On my blogroll” sidebars. And once I found one I found quite a few afterwards. So today I want to make your life easier and point you to my 5 top, must-read, UK based interiors and lifestyle blogs which I follow and find interesting and inspiring. This is definitely not about popularity or how many followers and readers they have. It’s more about what I get out of these blogs in terms of inspiration, colour (you know how much I looove colour) and learning about new products.

1. Mr. Bright Bazaar

Will Taylor, who is behind Mr.Bright Bazaar, is actually a well known blogger. If you haven’t heard of him he is an interiors journalist turned author. He released his first interiors book called “Bright Bazaar” – Embracing colour for make – you- smile style this year. His blog is full of colour, advice and inspiration. If you like bold colours but don’t know how to incorporate them in your home, you must read his blog or buy the book.

I also like the fact that he started his blog in 2009 and in 5 years he managed to turn it onto a business. I think as blogging is evolving it is becoming a viable business model. If that’s where you want to take it. And his blog is a perfect example how you can do that. It’s extremely hard especially if you’re starting out now but with the right mindset and tools you can achieve it. And one thing that makes him different from other blogger businesses is that he writes in a way that you don’t feel like he’s promoting, selling or forcing a product onto you.

2. Abigail Ahern blog

I don’t know how I found Abigail’s blog but I’ve been following her probably since May. I really enjoy reading her blogs and I commented few times on her biz posts. If you haven’t heard of her she’s a designer, retailer and has her own biz/retail school. Her style is very particular and unique but that’s what makes her interesting. She gives tonnes of advice on interiors, colours, furniture, anything home decor related. She pushes the boundaries of design so if you are lacking decorating confidence after reading few of her posts you’re be so inspired that any doubts you had disappear.

What I like about her is that she doesn’t hold anything back. If she writes about a topic, being interiors or business, she gives you the full story. This is exactly what I’m trying to do here on my blog. I share everything I know so you can take the information learn from it and use it in your own circumstances. If you are into interiors and perhaps running a small shop, I highly recommend that you subscribe to her blogs.


3. Swoon Worthy

Kimberly who is behind her Swoon Worthy blog is an editor and interiors writer. Her style is full of colour which I always get inspiration from and her blog is full of diy projects and how to’s. Genuinely this blog is for anyone searching for inspiration, colour combos and budget friendly design with big impact. Click on the image below to get to know her and follow her blogs.


4.  Design Lovers Blog

This blog is just amazing. Full of colour and inspiration. Their mood boards are great. Run by Sam and Jill the blog is great resource for home decor products. Bold, colourful and so inspiring. If you are looking for inspiration or how to mix colours, patterns and inject some personality into your home, this blog should be one of your resources. They don’t seem to blog everyday but that might be a good strategy because each blog they publish has a quality content. Go and check them out, click on the photo below.


5. Little Big Bell blog

It’s been literally only few weeks since I discovered this blog through Amara Blog Awards. Run by Geraldine this blog is full of colour and inspiration. It little bit reminds me of Oh Joy blog but the British version (sorry don’t mean to compare or anything..). It’s more a lifestyle blog with tips on diy, parties, kids, design, interiors and home decor.  So far I like it. Head over to her and check it out


So here you have it. Next time I will share some international bloggers which I follow.  And then I want to show you few newbie bloggers which I recently discovered. See you then.

Karolina Barnes

Photo credit: Design Lovers Blog