5 great business books

great business books

Do you ever feel like you want to cry but you physically can’t? I don’t know whether it’s the frustration, desperation or doubt but I’m feeling like this today. I’m trying to get my biz off the ground, trying different strategies to get clients, to get more projects, to actually start earning “something”. I’m fighting for survival everyday and it’s bloody hard!

Yes, I’ve done it before and I can see that the rewards come later but it still gets me. Maybe it’s because it’s time to file the accounts which is where I see “my performance” nicely summed up on paper. Maybe it’s the conversations I had in the last couple of days with people trying to explain to them that I’m working for free or small fee to cover my costs while they earning “proper salary”. Anyway, I need to snap out of it and get things done today and just keep going, keep moving forward.

So when I get like this the best escape for me is reading business books. I am the official business book worm. I go through them like crazy. I know to some people it’s boring but these are the only books I read. Sorry I don’t read books which don’t give me any good ideas, inspiration and business advice!

This morning I went through my collection of hundred of business books, honestly I could probably open up a business book store and fill it up easily with my stock, and picked 5 books from which I learnt the most.

So here they are, in no particular order:

1. Alan SUGAR – What you see is what you get

Yes, I had to read it once it came out. Amazing story of how someone can build a business from literally nothing. The strategies and tactics he writes about are still very relevant to any industry today. Especially “The pile up high and sell low” can be seen in supermarkets and other sectors. The book also offers a great insight into the manufacturing process abroad, it’s advantages and disadvantages.

2. Howard Schultz – Pour your heart into it

You’ve got to read this book. It’s about the story of Starbucks by Howard Schultz. He bought the company when it had just one or two stores in Seattle and grew it into, well, the company that it is today.  It’s interesting to read what strategies and principles he implemented from the start and  how some of them he changed over time to adapt to demand and consumer’s behaviour. A great read and you’ll learn a lot about coffee too!

3. Felix Dennis – How to get rich

OMG! This is another book you should read. It’s funny but serious at the same time. It gives a great insight into the publishing world which can be very brutal. Dog eat dog kind of environment.  You’ll learn that once you over a certain level the money just keep flooding in. But in the same way you can loose them as quickly you got them.

4. Philip Green – Top Man  

Another must-read! Here’s book about risk-taking and tons of inspiration from the retail world. I read it a while ago so I need to re-read it again but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The book is about buying and selling failing businesses and chains and making huge profits in the process. So if you’re interested in retail, fashion, home products, you’ve got to read it.

5. James Caan – The real deal

I bought this book because I wanted to know how recruitment agencies work. He started his business from nothing. He didn’t have clients and he didn’t have candidates. He managed to “fake it until you make it” and made tons of money in the process. The book is a great insight into the service based business and how it operates.

Have you read any of these business books? Did you like them? Have you got any other biz books which you read that were super interesting to read? Btw, do you also go through the frustration / can’t cry phase?


PS. All books can be purchased through Amazon just click on the title links!

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