5 reasons why you should hire an interior designer

I also wrote about this before. But last week I met up with a client I worked with last year and while catching up she raised some good points why she hired me. So here is my 5 good reasons why you should consider hiring a designer even if you think you can’t or don’t want to.

1. Save money

Yes, I said it before, designers can save you money.

One: we measure your space for you.
How many times you measured your room, floor or window yourself and got the measurements wrong. I’ve seen so many times clients giving me the measurements and in the end we had to order top-ups after top-ups because they didn’t include wastage for offcuts. This applies to any material – tiles, flooring, carpets, blinds, curtains even underestimating the amounts of paint, glue, grout. The list goes on. Top-ups mean more money for delivery charges and delays.

Two: we get trade discounts.
Now I can only speak for myself here because some designers don’t pass the discounts onto their clients. But what I do is I share my trade discount with my clients. So for example, if I can get a product at 30% discount I give my client 20% discount. So getting the product through me you automatically pay 20% less than if you tried to source it yourself.

2. Product library

If you try to put a scheme together yourself you might feel overwhelmed by all the products and choices and options that the market offers. There are tonnes of products which you have to filter through to achieve your ideal Pinterest room scheme. And to be totally and brutally honest there is loads of junk out there. So where do you start? What shop sells the products you want? You would have to spend hours and hours researching. Treat designers like your product library. If you are looking for a furniture piece or wallpaper you’ve seen somewhere ask the designer. I deal with many suppliers and I buy for my clients from shops that most people don’t know about.

3. Give guidance

I’m always happy to put my clients in the right direction. Some designers only take the big jobs. But you’d be surprised how many designers offer hourly consultations. These are great not only for the big renovating jobs but also small makeovers. I provide colour scheme consultation, furniture shopping, floor plan and furniture layout advice. Anything you are unsure of or you need a second opinion you can ask the designer. Once I was called in to advise on the size of the pattern on a wallpaper in proportion to the space. That was it. I still keep in touch with that client.

4. Project management

If you are building or renovating and don’t have the time to be onsite full time, you should hire a designer. Not only we design your space but we also take care of your renovation project from start to finish. We deal with architects and builders. We handle orders and deliveries for you. We plan everything so your project is delivered on time and within your budget. Not long time ago I was sleeping on a building site while my clients were away on holidays! I’ve seen projects managed by the homeowners which dragged on for years and cost a lot more as a result.

5. Discover you

Do you ever feel like you don’t know what you like? I came across this a lot while working in the London bathroom showroom. People coming in asking for tiles but no idea what colour, size etc. Designer can help you to discover you, your tastes, your style. Sometimes you’re just in your way of buying the same products over and over again and you don’t know even why anymore. Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes who show you new styles which represent you.  You can finally say “yeah, this colour, fabric or wallpaper is totally me. This home is me.”

Maybe you think that you don’t need a designer to tell you how your home should look like. But you know what? It’s not about that. I have friends who created homes for their kids and husbands and are happy with it (decorwise). But yet they constantly battle with toys, clutter and how impractical this or that is. Well, I have one thing to say to that. I’m not here to judge you, your family or your home. I’m trying to help you to make your home the way you want it to be.

Have you hired a designer before? Would you hire a designer after reading this? Let me know. I want to hear from you guys!

Karolina Barnes


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