5 useful links on blogging

I’m been so busy today but finally I have time to do this post. Late I know but I really wanted to share some useful links for those of you thinking about starting a blog. When I started I had no idea when to  start looking for information or what to put in Google search. If you feel the same, try these links below. I found them very helpful.

1. A Beautiful Mess

I get their posts on in my bloglovin feed. Really useful for articles and help with blogging. Personal stories and journey to a very successful business.

2. Monaysavingmom.com

I came across this website on Pinterest. Really helpful tips on how to structure your content, link social media, how to make money from your blog and much much more.

3. Oh Joy

Very well known blogger and designer. Great inspirational website and blog.
4. Basic Blog Tips

Very useful and keeping with the trends and latest technology. Tips on marketing your blog, content, seo.

5. Shanice Cameron

Tips on content, name, post ideas and blog design.

I will do one more post next week on my blogging experiences so far before returning to my regular “Get the look” series.

Hope you will find it interesting.

Karolina Barnes


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