How to add colour into your room guide

I’m constantly asked this question: “How to add colour into my room?” being kitchen, living room, bedroom, guest room, bathroom, well, every room in the house in fact. So as today’s Ask the Designer post I have something really special for those of you who are asking this question. I’ve put together a FREE step by step guide taking you through each step at a time.

Any concerns you have. Any questions you have. All answered in one place. Plus I’m giving you my 30 go-to places to shop for your colourful home decor products. There are shops in the list which you probably haven’t heard of. They are my trusted suppliers and sources for my projects. Interior designers are like mini product libraries and today, I’m sharing some of my product library with you.

Plus, in the guide, you will also find how to choose your colour palette by using a starting point. This is a very simple technique which I use and which I find very effective. If you apply it as I recommend in the guide, I guarantee you’ll be focused, organised and not distracted by other “I want that” type of products. You’ll be clear on what you are after and how to inject colour into your space whatever room it is.

So to get your hands on this FREE e-book, just click on this link here and you will be able to download it straight away.

Let me know your thoughts and whether you found it useful. I need feedbacks so I can improve my content to what your needs and design dilemmas are. So any comment you might have – good or bad, please either put it below or send me an email, if you prefer.

As always if you want to me answer your design dilemma question, please let me know and I will cover it next week.

Happy Thursday! Almost time to do the school run. Must dash.

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