Artist in spotlight: Alphonse Mucha

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you are enjoying the holiday season. After a visit to London’s Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park yesterday, we are relaxing today, watching movies and doing nothing for a change. So nice to be with my family.

For Christmas, I received a beautiful calendar from my mum featuring paintings from Alphonse Mucha. Czechs are very proud of his work which has been celebrated for many years. He is a national treasure. When you walk through the centre of Prague you see his art displayed in many tourist shops. Calendars, posters and postcards are most popular.  He was an Art Nouveau artist with very distinctive drawing style. His artwork mainly features “young muses” like these from my calendar.

For many decades his son and thereafter his grandson were campaigning and bringing attention to Mucha’s work. I think that this artist was taken for granted by many people and his work wasn’t appreciated as it should have.  In 1998, the Mucha Museum opened in Prague. Definitely on my list to visit next time I’m in Prague (which unfortunately is not that often!). Ivan Lendl, the tennis player, has one of the largest collections of Mucha’s work. This year he finally started to share his collection of Mucha’s work with the public through exhibitions around the world.

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