Artist in spotlight: Kirsty Mitchell

I came across Kirsty Mitchell Photography on Pinterest when I was looking for some colour inspiration for my projects. I immediately went on her website to see more of her work. OMG! I clicked on her video where you can see behind the scenes and I started to uncontrollably cry. I couldn’t stop. I found out that Kirsty lives in Kent (England) like me! I couldn’t believe it. Without Pinterest I wouldn’t have found her. Now to her work. 

She has a degree in fashion design, which you can see is heavily influencing her work. Her latest work called “Wonderland” is a result of 5 years of hard work, professional and personal journey triggered by passing of her mother. What always sets me off  is that her mum died of brain tumour which is so tragic and so close to me as well. Living with brain tumour (I have meningioma) is so difficult and sometimes I wonder whether my illness will eventually win over my body and mind. See? Even now I can’t stop the tears. Stop it! Okay, moving on. On her website she says:

“Photography became my only escape when I could no longer talk about how I felt. I lost myself in street portraiture, focusing on those who reflected my own sadness and loss. I later turned the camera inwards, and began photographing myself throughout the hardest year of my life. It became an utter fantasy that blocked out the real world, and a place where I could return to my memories of her, far away from those hospitals walls.”

Can you believe that the photographs are real? No Photoshop! All props and consumes are handmade. Take a look at these.


So here’s a different Friday’s fashion focus post for you today. But I purposely chose to write it within this fashion series because you can see fashion from a different perspective. Not necessarily daywear but art which can inspire you in every aspect of your life. If you want see more of Kirsty Mitchell’s work or buy her art please visit her website here.

Karolina Barnes


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