Artist in spotlight

My daughter’s homework this week in Art was a research on Franz Marc. I didn’t have art at school (it wasn’t considered an academic subject back then), so while I was helping her I fell in love with his work. This German painter was a true visionary of his time.

Mainly drawing animals, his work is characterised by vibrant colours and a cubist like style which created an emotional meaning to his paintings. His life was sadly cut short at the age of 36, while he was fighting in the WWI.
One of the most famous paintings called “Tischschicksale” meaning Fate of Animals reflects his experiences of the war. On the back of the painting he  wrote: ” And all is being a flaming agony”. Just look at the painting below and see what he meant.

I like these more though..
 In the rain (1912)

Blue horse (1911)

The Bewitched Mill (1913)
Broken forms (1914)

You can purchase his prints and posters from The prices start from around £25 upwards but they are running a special promotion which ends today. So get yourself a beautiful piece of art for a bargain!



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