Project: baby nursery and home office

*First of all sorry about publishing this post so late but I’m not feeling 100% and even though I had most of the content ready to go, it just needed few tweaks.*

Okay, how many of you have a room at home which needs to double as two. We have  playroom / home office / guest room-to-be. Still work in progress. Family demands change and so rooms need to have multi purposes. Last week I mentioned that I’m working on a new project which is home office and nursery. It’s basically a spare room which is an office and guest room at the moment. But soon it will need to accommodate a nursery for the new baby. The client’s brief is to create a clearly defined zoning in gender neutral colours even though the lady of the home doesn’t mind her home area to be more feminine.

I’ve been working on my first proposal design which is still not finalised but I want to show you the direction I’m taking with the design. I have a clean slate even though we will be utilising some of the existing furniture. I’ve been playing with several floorplans which I will show you next week but in this design I defined the areas with a rug and nursery on the left hand side of the room and office on the right. Take a look..

gender neural nursery


I started this scheme with the rug and built the scheme around it. I pulled the colours out which helped me to choice the window treatment fabric, the art and furniture. The style I was leaning towards is mixed contemporary with eclectic pieces. The family is Italian origin so their tastes are very modern/stylish. I searched the market and found some great lighting pieces which, I think, will go really well into the room. Oh, forgot to mention the walls are staying white. We chose Fired Earth Aunty Maud, which is slightly creamy but on the cooler side. The idea is also to make the room happy and cheery with some bold elements.

neutral nursery

Now to the sources: the bed cot from from Mothercare – quite curvy and I love the natural trims mixed with white gloss wood /  the rug is from Ikea – I chose it because of its geometric pattern and the colours. Not too feminine or masculine. /…The window treatment fabric is from Harlequin – still not sure on the final type – Roman or curtains? / the floor lamp is from Heals / the table lamps are from John Lewis / the ceiling pendant is from Italian Lighting Centre – little pricey but really a stunning piece / The abstract art is from / the leather armchair I found on SohoConcept / the office chair is from Ikea and so is the book shelf / the filing cabinet is from Bisley / the baby blanket is from John Lewis

Take a closer look at the rug. I love it. Do you?

Ikea geometric rug

They also have it in slightly different version with red.

Ikea geometric rug

Come back next week to see my other designs and more info about this project proposal. See you then!

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