Back to school smart buys

I can’t believe that next week my two girls are going back to school. Is the summer really over? I was thinking how to make them little bit more excited so with their help I’ve put together these smart buys for girls going back to school.

Starting with the little one. This moodboard is for all those sweet and dreamy princesses.

Back to school dreamy girl

Shopping: rug / pink table lamp / blue trays / pink ombre cushion / pink office chair / blue leather notebook / pink checked office set

My next back to school moodboard is for all those clever cool girls with style.

Back to school coolgirl

Shopping: rug / orange desk lamp / keep calm poster / wall clock / chair / orange snail tape dispenser / green bag

And here’s the last one. For all those students turn fashionistas!

Back to school glamgirl

Shopping: rug / black table lamp / pink leather notebook / faux flowers / black shoe tape dispenser / transparent office chair / pink cushion / gold spheres

See how with small accessories and budget you can turn a girl’s bedroom into a nice space? Now, boys turn next. Stay tuned it’s coming after the weekend, just in time school starts!

Karolina Barnes




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