Project: bathroom mosaic design

I love working and designing with mosaic tiles in bathrooms. The design options and its flexibility is literally limitless. You can design with curves, straight corners, any colours. It’s one of the most exciting materials a designer can work with.  Generally mosaic is available in glass (in various finishes), marble, stone and various metals.

Before I get to one of the most interesting projects I was involved in, I want to talk to you about the material itself and show you few examples for inspiration. Any design you like – an image, photograph, wallpaper, fabric or art can be translated into a mosaic design. The colour choices are endless.  And there are loads of finishes to choose from being matt, glossy, shimmery, polished, rough, honed, metallic the list goes on and on. Anything you can imagine can be done. Let’s take a look at few examples.



Mosaic wallpaper in bathrooms as a feature wall.



Mosaic art


A close up of the mosaic pixels. This is enamelled glass finish. The colours have this slightly cloudy, milky texture with a crisp clear glossy finish.




All of this beautiful mosaic is by Trend Group, an Italian company with factories in Italy and the United States. Apart from their standard mosaic glass tiles collections they also specialise in bespoke designs. All of their mosaic tiles are made from recycled glass. Is it great? I mean look at it. It’s such a beautiful product and is actually made from recycled / unwanted / used glass. Brilliant! Here’s one of my desks literally covered in mosaic tiles. And that’s only about a third because I couldn’t fit everything on the desk.

Trend mosaic tiles

Take a look at the quality and different finishes in more detail.


So now to the project I was working on with Trend long time ago. The brief was to design a bespoke feature wall inspired by Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom artwork. We played with loads of options. One being placing the picture in the middle of the wall and have gradient blend mix on either side so it would gradually go from the darkest in the middle to the lightest on the sides.

The other option was to spread the picture across the whole width of the wall which was quite challenging to do because the original art is portrait but obviously the wall is horizontal. So to replicate the design on the full width of the wall we had to spread the branches and the blossoms.

As we were progressing in the design stage, the price went up and up. We also were considering to have only the picture in the middle with a mirrored rectangle frame on the floor with marble tiles filling the rest of the space.

Van-gough-options Unfortunately this project went into a complete different direction after my client considered all the options and the cost so I haven’t got the after photos. But I just wanted to show you  little bit of behind the scene and how you can be creative with mosaic tiles in your bathroom. If you are in London and in particular the Chelsea Harbour area, R.I.M Tiles & Mosaic are the stockists of Trend mosaic products. Go and speak to them about your requirements. They work with designers and direct clients as well.

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      Thanks Kimberly. I know. Sometimes projects turn into a completely different direction. I learnt a lot though about glass, the manufacturing process, rendering techniques and how flexible this material

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