Bedroom e-design: let’s work with what you’ve got

Last week I quickly redesigned a master bedroom via my Room Design service (e-design) in Italy. I was asked whether I can “put the room together” with existing furniture and anything else which I could see in the apartment to minimise the financial blow. My shopping budget was EUR 150. Yes. Euro. My e-design is for all EU countries by the way.

Let me show you what I was working with. The main furniture was actually very good. The bed, which is one of the most important investment pieces in the bedroom, was typical high quality Italian contemporary piece with leather frame, headboard and little side tables. The flooring in the room was recently updated in washed soft grey wood. The chest of drawers were from Ikea as well as the floor lamp. Recognised them all?


I managed to find few key pieces which tie the whole room together. I wanted to find accessories which would distract the eye from the all-brown furniture. The brief was to work with lilac and rose pink but as the bedroom is for a couple I didn’t want to make the room too feminine. I introduced some black to the scheme through the large zebra picture and the cushions. I left their existing lilac/purple bedspread and I also advised how to make that type of bed. If you have similar bed, don’t put the bedspread or cover across the whole bed. Instead fold it and create a panel at the end of the bed.

By rearranging artwork, accessorising the bed, creating small display zones and getting the clutter under control, you can instantly update your room with no painting, wallpaper hanging or getting expensive furniture.  Don’t forget a mirror. Every bedroom should have one.

Easy no? If you need a help with your room I cover Kent, London and Surrey areas. For all of you who live further afield or abroad why not use my e-design ROOM DESIGN. I’m currently offering discounts for multiple rooms, so please drop me an email for a quote.

Karolina Barnes




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