Best home office desks

Following up my last week’s post about home office essentials for those of you who work from home, today I want to show you some really elegant and chic office desks across wide range of budgets. Here they are..

Desk products

Sources: 1. OKA Direct/ 2. John Lewis / 3. Dwell / 4. West Elm / 5. Tesco Direct / 6. Ikea

Different sizes and different price points. All very stylish and timeless. All very good investments. Take your pick. Which one do you like the most? My favourite has to be the shagreen covered desk from OKA Direct. My ultimate luxury piece of furniture…if I had the budget! Check out the prices by clicking on the links.

Don’t forget if you are designing your home office, let me know. I’m happy to offer my advice. All conversations start with a comment, so if you have something to say, comment below.

Karolina Barnes


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