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Over the last few months I’ve been spending loads of time learning about online marketing strategies well beyond SEO. I found some great online marketing mentors and even though I’m still in the process in implementing everything what they teach, which will take some time because it’s just so much to do, I’ve been definitely changing my approach to online marketing. So today’s post is an extract from my Online Marketing Fundamentals e-book which I give free to everyone who purchases MY PLANNER 2015. But read on and you might be able to get your hands on it too. Let’s dive in.

So why online marketing?

Online marketing nowadays is the most obvious marketing strategy for anyone starting out in business or new career. Everybody (not literally) consumes content on the go. On their mobile. Being written, audio or video content. So why not taking the advantage of this and putting yourself or your business in front of such a vast audience.

What online marketing allows you to do is :

  1. Reach people you wouldn’t be otherwise be able to reach
  2. Grow your business globally, beyond your locality
  3. Build up reputation and brand

But, you might say, “I don’t need to build a massive empire”. I just want to run my business”. Well, guess what. The new generation is online. They make contacts, trade, grow their businesses online. So if you don’t keep up with them, they will overtake you. They might eventually put your business in danger. That is why you must build your online presence from the start. If you are already few years in, start now. It’s never too late.

What is actually online marketing?

I didn’t know what it actually was when I started out. Initially I thought it’s all about social media and SEO. But the way I see online marketing is like the roots of a tree. Each root represents each discipline and is connected to a trunk. All helping one another to keep the tree growing. Some are weaker and smaller others are bigger and stronger.

Look at the difference between traditional and online marketing.

Traditional marketing



Online marketing



The key to successful online marketing is BUILDING and NURTURING. Your audience, trust and credibility. Keep in touch with your audience and followers, be approachable and helpful. Make conversations, add value to their lives. And as last thing you sell.

THIS TAKES TIME. Online marketing is no overnight fix. Let’s look at the online marketing disciplines in more details one by one.



The core of your online marketing is your website. Everything you do in online marketing is built around it. You send messages/content/action to and from your website.


What you must understand that what’s on your website MUST be valuable. Websites used to be either selling pages or educational. If you had an online shop, you were selling products. If you wanted to learn about something you might have founded on a website or forum. BUT Right now, with blogs becoming “proper” websites, your website must have content that adds value to your audience. Readers and users have been “trained” to get useful information for free on their favourite blog.

 Here are my tips on websites which you should implement from day one:

  1. Build your website on the notion of helping others
  2. Show your expertise via “BE EVERYWHERE” methodology
  3. Define your audience, be constant and stick to your topic
  4. Have your website SEO optimised

    The value you create should be centred in your blog posts. You must think strategically about your blog schedule and blog content. The idea of writing something you like, when you like and if you feel like it, is unfortunately gone. The competition is tough.  So you need to be different. But it doesn’t mean you have to overthink it.  Just by being you, you can immediately set yourself apart. No one speaks and writes like you. No one thinks like you.Show your readers that you know your stuff. Give free advice and offer help.

  1. Be strategic
  2. Create a schedule
  3. Be consistent
  4. Be informative and helpful
  5. Have a goal (i.e. building audience, generating lead, making sales)

Always include CALL FOR ACTION after each blog post. This could be an opt-in form for subscribers. This doesn’t have to be one format. It can be downloads, webinars and product discounts.


Once you have your content you need to promote it via:

  4. VIDEO

So let’s look at each of these in more detail….

If you want the full PDF copy of this e-book which basically lists the most important strategies that I’ve learnt from different resources so far, please put your name and email down in the box below. The full version which consists of 15 pages including all my resources and is only available until 15th December 2014. So don’t delay this for too long otherwise you might miss this great opportunity. 

Back later with my sophisticated Christmas decor post!

Karolina Barnes


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