Black tiles for family bathroom

I was asked today to source some black tiles for a small modern family bathroom. Now when I get a request like that immediately I’m thinking black tiles = lots of good lighting & large mirrors, glossy surface somewhere and different textures. Sometimes my clients see a picture they really like and they are just hooked on it so much that any other idea is a no no. When this happens it’s up to me to work with my brief as best I can and create still a very well balanced space that they will love.

In this case my options are clear. Black porcelain plain tiles – glossy and/or matt, black metallic tiles, black slate or nero marquinia marble. All of these I can work with. I’ve pulled a few ideas for inspiration.



So far I’ve done option 1. where I use metallic tiles on walls, light grey slate porcelain tiles on floor and white brilante mosaic on the face of the bathtub. To link the dark grey (iron-like) metallic tiles with the light grey floor tiles, I added the calacatta white marble which has very subtle grey veining in various shades.  Similar veining is also reflected on the mosaic which has a little bit of shimmer too. I’ve chosen an oval sink, as opposed to a square one, to break up the symmetry a bit. Take a look.

Black tiled bath option


Don’t be afraid to use different tiles on different surfaces in your bathroom, especially in small bathrooms. Mix textures- rough and smooth, colours and different finishes – matt and gloss. It’s not going to make your bathroom any smaller. Same applies to using dark tiles in small bathrooms. Many sales people in bathroom showrooms will say to stay away from dark tiles but with the correct lighting they look good in any bathroom. Many hotels use black marble in their tiny bathrooms so why not do the same in yours? The other thing you need to consider is balance and carry the story through. Linking different elements together without one being too overpowering. It’s all about making the space cohesive.

Stay tuned for part 2. with some more options.

Karolina Barnes


Photo credit: cover photo by Leicht USA, inspirational photo from Pinterest


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