Blue Christmas tree

Every year my girls and I decide what colour scheme we like our Christmas tree and decorations to be. Last year we had aubergine and duck egg. This year N.B. picked her favourite bauble from John Lewis which was our starting point for the blue – silver – champagne scheme. We used most of what we already had and added only few of the blue baubles she picked. Our tree is quite small (we bought it 14 years ago!!) so I decided to play around with twigs to give it more volume. I started with few branches and the more I kept adding the more I liked it. It gives it more drama and movement I think. So here it is, our blue Christmas tree.





I kept the rest of the Christmas decor pretty simple. Our fireplace mantel is decorated with mercury glass bauble lights and few simple decorations.







I don’t know about you but I really lost my Christmas spirit this year. I was so busy with projects and the magazine that in my head I wasn’t really ready for putting up Christmas decorations or even buying presents. But within the last few days I managed to catch up and feel not so stressed as I thought I would be. This time last week we had nothing ready. No tree, no outside lights, no presents, no food. NOTHING. Now the tree is decorated, the house is decorated with Christmas bits here and there, the outside lights are hanging, the turkey is ordered, baking starts today and presents (all ordered online – thank God for the internet) are coming in steadily. I think I can do this now. Bring on the Christmas of 2015! I’m ready for ya! Have a great one!!

Before I go here is probably the last tip of 2015.

My TOP TIP: USE 3 COLOURS AS YOUR GUIDE for your Christmas decor and stick to it. Make sure that your room decor is in harmony with the Christmas tree colour scheme. Tie it together with cushions, art and few accessories. Keep it simple if you have kids!