Bold new patterns

Before I start today, I just want to say I had the craziest week in a long time. As you know 3 weeks ago I decided to launch a brand new digital lifestyle magazine for chic mamas which should have gone live yesterday.  I was determined to go live on 15th. I got everything ready and was on time with every aspect of launching it. That was until we switched the new website on and the main function of it – the menu navigation – wouldn’t work. Bummer!!

So all day yesterday we were trying to figure out (me panicking) what was blocking it and finally at 4am this morning my clever husband fixed it. So with 24 hours delay, we’re officially launching today. Yay!! I give you the details in my Friday’s post so stay tuned.

One thing that calmed me down yesterday was a trade email from They have recently collaborated with an Amsterdam based artist – Mariska Meijers (love her!) and launched a limited collection of armchair and 2 sofas with Mariska’s fabric. The pattern is bold and the colours are vibrant. And I love it.

Mariska does her work by instinct. She left her corporate job few years ago to pursuit her passion for art and painting. She has no formal training or education in art but that’s maybe her strength. It just shows that whatever you do, you shouldn’t waste your time and just do what you love. I’m a big advocate of that.