Books to get to complete KLC projects

Going through the KLC course, I found that in order to complete the required projects it helped me to buy some books along the way. I studied Open University degree in Economics and Business Studies

so I had some previous experience with self-study but I found the KLC course to be less informative or, rather, not so detailed in order for me to complete a project just with the provided material. The course gives you the basics but then it’s up to you to work things out yourself. There is a tutor support which is helpful but it depends on the person as well. Anyway, here is a list of books which I purchased and found extreme helpful:

1. For creating concepts and to understand the design process (image of the book is above)

2. How to create visual presentations boards including sample boards, moodboards etc.

3. How to draw a window treatment
4. How to put lighting plan together
5. How to design a bespoke furniture piece
All of the above books I use a lot when I get stuck. The first one I used at the beginning of the course to understand how to put a concept together and what a design process actually is and how to document it for the tutor. Initially, I bottled my design process in and only showed the final design process which was wrong. So after reading this book it showed me how to record the “mind mapping” on paper to show my tutor the process I took to arrive on my final design and why. The visual presentation book gave me lots of examples of how to put together presentation boards and what materials to choose and how to use them.
The curtain drawing book and the lighting book I used for particular sections of the course as I felt I needed more information and mainly some examples of drawings – e.g. how to draw curtains in alcoves, roman blinds etc. And finally the Gosling book which I call my bespoke furniture bible teaches you about wood, techniques in cabinet and furniture making and has lots of examples and stunning images.

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