Business planner 2015

Over the past year, while in my first year of my business, I’ve been so overwhelmed by so much information. Even though I had businesses before, this time round the game is completely different. Learning about how to market my products and services on social media and implementing PR and marketing strategies were the biggies.

I found myself collecting, saving, bookmarking and printing sheets upon sheets of tips and advice that in the end I couldn’t find. And that’s when My Planner was born. I wanted a day to day planner that would encourage me to be active across all social media platforms and record what works and what doesn’t. I wanted to have a space for my scribbles and a section where I could put my business goals and strategies. I wanted motivational quotes to keep me going.


I’m pleased to say that My Planner is finally here. If you are a blogger, businesswoman and online entrepreneur this planner is perfect for you. I believe that the way things are going now online presence and trading will become a norm. No longer it’s enough to have a website. Your business can trade beyond your local area. It can trade worldwide. And if you are a blogger, blogging is becoming a business on its own. It’s up to you if you want to make a living through blogging. With this in mind I created the following features:

1. Your business analysis –  market, customers, your products
2. Setting your business goals month by month
3. Monthly schedule overviews (for trade shows, events etc)
4. Daily schedule – each day per one page split into 3 sections:
8am – 6pm schedule, Marketing and Social media activities, Must-do tasks

5. Marketing and PR tips section
6. Party planners (for birthdays and anniversaries)
7. Motivational quotes at the beginning of each month
8. Weekly plan for scheduling your blog posts, targets, study plans, spring cleaning etc.
9. Weekly summaries
10. Clean pages for notes and scribbles

I truly believe that with My Planner you will increase your marketing,  PR  and social media activities and will stay focused on your business goals. My Planner is not just a daily diary it’s a tool with which you can reach your business goals whether its profits, expand your customer base or staff.

If you are interested in finding more about My Planner, see sample pages or its cost, please contact me via my Contact page or comment below. I’m happy to answer all your questions.


Karolina Barnes


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