Contemporary open plan project

Few weeks ago I finished installing my contemporary open plan project. I wrote about it here and here. Initially we started with a very neutral colour palette but in the end I injected some colour and texture into the space. Here’s reminder of my design proposal.

contemporary living moodboard


In the process we changed the main fabrics and textures and also the main wall art. Here are the final fabric choices.


It took some convincing to do when I presented all the textures but I thought because the area is kept very neutral and light it needed to be balanced with lots of texture which would bring interest to the space while not being the main focus.

I’ve decided that it would be the best to layer the porcelain tiled flooring with not one but two rugs. The bigger one, measuring 300 x 300cm is purely for adding some texture and the smaller one is for a little bit of colour. When I found this rug I was so pleased with it, it looks almost as an abstract painting. Keeping in the shades of greys and cool blue tones it reflects the same colours found on the chevron cushions.


I found the round coffee table in Dwell. It’s so practical with one part being a hidden storage and the other part with the open shelf.


The new chimney breast got a facelift with white quartz split face mosaic. Its roughness brings another layer of texture to the space.

 white quartz split face mosaic

Keeping the overall scheme very neutral and contemporary, only the accessories on display bring some colour into the scheme. Books and magazines are also a great way to make an interesting and colourful area.


The dining room has new dining ghost chairs and white high gloss sideboard. The key to contemporary design is to keep everything very minimalist with clean lines and no clutter. Mix sharp edges with curves. Here I chose a round ceiling pendant and the curved transparent chairs against the sharp milky glass dining table, sideboard and the shelf.




Another layer of texture and colour. These decorative feather balls continue with the story from the feather cushion on the sofa.

What I’ve learned

This project thought me that I am very versatile when it comes to different styles and even though I love bolder colours I am actually able to design a space which is very minimalist and neutral yet interesting and very individual. The key to this project was all about the texture – smooth, rough, glossy, matt, round and edged which I SO enjoyed pulling it all together. This space reflects its owners to the smallest detail and after the big reveal they were very happy with it.



PS. Sorry about the quality of the photos, we still have to do a proper photo shoot of all the areas. I just couldn’t wait to show you.x


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