Cooking with kids..

I love cooking and baking for my family. I find it relaxing and creative. Every Sunday we always do baking with my two girls.

I didn’t have any eggs so we couldn’t make any cakes but I came across a recipe online with filo pastry. I always have either filo or puff pastry in my freezer for emergency or quick desserts. The recipe was actually for apple turnovers but I tweaked it a little.

To make these lovely apple spring rolls you will need:

1 x pack of frozen filo pastry sheets
4 to 5 x apples (green, red or any other types)
caster sugar
1 x tbs cornflour
cinnamon, nutmeg or whole cloves
oil or butter

My cooking is all about improvisation and great taste. If I’m missing one ingredient, I replace it with something similar I have. Hence the two last lines of this recipe.

Step 1. Peel and cut the apples into small cubes – around 1 cm in size
Step 2. Put the apples in a pan and add splash of water – they will release some juice anyway, so just a little bit is enough.
Step 3. Add 2 tbs of caster sugar and the spice of your choice or what you have at hand. I like to add one cinnamon stick (or one tea spoon of ground cinnamon) and one whole clove.
Step 4. Leave it to cook  on low heat for 7 -10 min until the apples are nice and soft but still retaining their shape.
Step 5. Mix one table spoon of cornflour with small amount of water – milky consistency and add it to your apples. Once it thickens, take it of the heat. Take the clove and cinnamon out.
Step 6. Lay one filo sheet on a kitchen worktop or board and lightly brush it with some oil. Put another sheet of on top and brush with oil again.
Step 7. Put some of the apple mixture along one side of your sheet – not too much, it will depend on your sheet size. Roll it like a spring roll. Kids will love this part!
Step 8. Brush the top with some oil and that’s ready for the oven.
Step 9. Bake for 20 min on 180 degrees or until nice and golden.

You can sprinkle some icing sugar on top and serve them with mascarpone cheese, whipped cream or ice cream.

Buon appetito!


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