Cool lighting and girl’s bedroom update

Kids rooms can be so fun to decorate or upgrade because you can go really wild and bold with colours. I’m a big believer that kids rooms shouldn’t be colour restrained but they need to be well balanced. I’ve been upgrading my 8 yrs old bedroom for the past month or so, as we planned out here. In the end I had to make some furniture layout changes. I ordered a new bed, which wasn’t much bigger then the old one, but it was slightly wider. I measured it on the floor and it was fine but once we put it in place it was very close to the entry door. The space felt very narrow, particularly at the entrance.


I let her pick most of the new items including the Harlequin wallpaper, new Zara bed linen and even the Iconic Light’s bird cage ceiling pendant.





How cool are these little birds?!? She absolutely loves them. When I was ordering the light, I was worried about the transport and whether we’re going to get it in one piece but it was so well packed when I opened the box.

I will do another shoot of the room at a different time of the day so you can see the light when it’s on. I think also it fits perfectly with the feather wallpaper. As you know by now, I’m not a huge advocate of themes in kids rooms but I had to make an exception and let her “picks” guide me through this makeover. And as long as you break the “theme” with other elements, I think that’s absolutely fine.


The wallpaper on wallpaper has its own story. I basically ran out of the Harlequin feather wallpaper because when I was ordering it, I planned to keep the bed where it was originally, so technically I had enough. Plus I was going to get her a bookcase which should have been next to the window. Now it’s on the other side, which is a total mess..books everywhere. I will shoot this room again, as I said before, so you can see all four walls. So yes, I should have had enough but once I reshuffled the furniture around, there was a bit missing. So I had to improvise and create something within my budget which literally just ran out. Nagged by everybody in the house,  I quickly went to B&Q and got one of their wallpapers. I managed to pull the lime green colour out of the feathers and matched with the splatted  pattern on that paper. It’s ever so slightly metallic so it actually gives the room new level of texture.

The art is from Lucie Drlikova. I bought one of her calendars last year while in Prague and used some of the photography posters on a bedroom makeover project over there. I absolutely love her work.


I also got her a small LED star light from Iconic Lights. It will go on the bookcase shelf on the other side but for now it’s on her desk. Regarding the desk, so far I only managed to repaint the drawer so the colours could flow better within the space. I want to add some more touches to it though. And finally the headboard. The bed came with white wooden headboard but I decided to cover it with fabric. It just needed some contrast against the wallpaper. I used an old  foam mattress and covered it with Wemyss Cascada Lollipop velvet.

So this is how the room looked before the upgrade and after.



Stay tuned for part 2. and complete 360 degree view!


P.S. I received the ceiling pendant and the star light by Iconic Lights for this project as gifts. I worked with them before on my projects and am a big fan of their products. I wouldn’t recommend anything that I don’t believe in or any suppliers that I don’t work with on regular basis.