Design a happy family home – part 1.

Let’s face it. You can have the most beautifully designed home but if it’s disorganised and doesn’t function as it should, you’ll be pretty miserable. Tripping over toys, constantly cleaning and looking for things just drives you crazy. Wouldn’t it be nice if you walked in your home one day and this would be all gone? You’d walk in and you’d be instantly hit by the smell of fresh cut flowers, sparkly clean floors, puffed up cushions and the best bit? No toys in your sight! Just a grown up space. Your own space where you can sit down quietly and enjoy few minutes (hours ideally) for yourself.

Design is not enough

The good news is that this dream can be easily achieved. How? From my experience and from what I’ve seen, I’m sorry to break this to you but design is not enough.  You need to take charge first! Nothing is going to change unless you take charge, not only over your kids but your home too. At the end of the day family homes should be enjoyed by both, kids and grown ups. If you feel you have things under control, you feel better. Your day goes smoother. You can relax. You are happy which means your home is happy.

So that’s why I’m starting this “design a happy home” mini series where I want to show you that you can have a stylish home full of your personality that is organised and which you can be proud of. But before we can start, you need to realise one thing. You need to be “the boss”. You need to go back to your pre-kids era and think about what you did then when it was just you and your other half and apply it to now.

Because you can have the best designed home but if you lose control over it, soon it will become something which makes you feel stressed.

Be the boss

Yes, there’s going to be resistance. But if you prepare for it and stick to your guns, it will soon disappear. Remember how you bossed around you boyfriend or husband about leaving socks on the floor? You need to do the same thing to all those toys that belong know who. If you have a baby, of course that you can’t do anything. But babies don’t create mess, toddlers and onwards do. So as long as your kid is able to take things out, they’ve got to put it back where it belongs.

You know when clients hire me they want me to help them create that perfect family nest which is full of their personality. But I’m a practical girl too. So with that in mind we come up with great storage solutions and use family friendly and robust materials. But after a while the initial wow factor starts to slowly slip away. How come? Because we let it happen. Yes, me included (to an extend)! We get so busy that we stop noticing the little things.We don’t see them anymore. Over time these little things become our everyday enemies. We waste time doing the same chores over and over again.

Shift in mindset

Smart design solutions can help us MASSIVELY but before we can even start digging into that, we need to make a conscious decision that unless we take charge no matter what, we will not achieve the final result which is.. creating a stylish and functional home which you can be proud of and which all the family can enjoy. And because the wow factor doesn’t go away you can show your home off to your friends too. Suddenly you have something your friends don’t. And that, surely, makes you feel good!

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P.S. Stick around for part 2. and part 3. where I’m going to be sharing some really great actionable design tips which you can apply straight away. And if you don’t want to wait that long, why not download my FREE GUIDE full of practical design tips for family friendly interiors.