Design a happy home – part 2.

In the first part of this “Design a happy home” mini series ( you can read here), we  established that even before we can create a happy home for our family, we, basically, need to be “the bosses”. Because if we don’t, our home will soon turn to …well what it was before!

But today I want to give you some really great ideas which you can take away straightaway and apply it in your home. Today, I’m talking storage ideas. But not like you see everywhere else. The biggest game changer here is to be creative with it.

For example,  when you need a storage furniture for your bedroom, don’t narrow your search just to bedroom furniture. What I mean is when out shopping, don’t go just go into the bedroom department of the furniture store. Be more open minded and walk around the whole store. Visit the kitchen and dining room departments too. You never know, there might be the perfect size piece just right for your space.

Here is an extract from my “10 DESIGN TIPS FOR FAMILY FRIENDLY INTERIORS” which you can download below.


In our house we have a dining room display cabinet in our bedroom where we store books and use the display section for styling few of my “treasures” which are locked behind the glass door. In my daughter’s room, we recently installed a high gloss white kitchen wall hung cabinet, which serves as a storage for her school folders and files.

Just don’t narrow your search down! Be creative.

Oh, my more thing before I go. Storage toy baskets. I’m talking about the big rattan or plastic ones with no lid on. I know they are pretty much everywhere and they’re tempting to get. But, personally, I’m not a fan. Why? Because they make your life more difficult. It’s so easy to chuck things in to its brim but who remembers what’s on the bottom? And then when you need to find that pink rabbit, you literally have to tip it upside down. To me, that’s a waste of time.

I’m not saying not to get them, but personally I like things to be organised in much more systematic way, so you can see what’s inside. That’s why I prefer piece of furniture like cabinets, bookcases and shelves. It’s all in there..hidden behind the closed door. It might be a mess (if, like my two girls, don’t put things back in properly), but who cares? Because on the outside everything is calm, organised, clean and tidy.

If you want to see what else in my guide, get your free copy below. I already extended its availability for another week, but because I’m already writing another helpful guide, it will go soon!

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