Designer’s tip: on mixing patterns

Today I have one big tip for you when you are choosing and mixing fabrics. The one rule which most designers follow but not many clients know. It’s very simple. As I said before you should always choose your fabrics and wallpaper first before you finalise your paint colour. When you are mixing your fabrics you need to consider the scale and balance. I follow 60/30/10 rule.

Here is my example:

I start with the largest pattern first. This is the fabric that will be most likely on curtains, armchair or foolstool. It can also be wallpaper. I, personally, prefer geometric, striped or ikat pattern as large patterns. I then move on to the smaller pattern fabric which can be for cushions, rugs or chairs. I suggest using geometric or floral pattern here as it will last much longer and it’s easy to replace/refresh when required. My last pattern is fine stripes or a textured fabric in a solid colour. This could be your accent or complementary colour. It can be a fabric from chenille, crushed velvet, glazed linen. I like using it on sofas or curtains (if the large pattern is already somewhere else within the scheme).

I always encourage my clients to use patterns and mix them up. With the right fabric combination you can express yourself and create a personal space that is unique to you, in any style – from classic, traditional, rustic, modern to contemporary interiors.

It’s all about the balance and scale. And there you have it. Are you in a process of choosing your wallpaper, curtains or any other soft furnishings? Are you planning to update your room and you like a second opinion, please let me know. I’m here to help you achieve your vision.


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