Designer spotlight: Emma Jayne Designs

Emma Jayne Designs

I’m always drawn to other designers’ work being interiors, fashion or graphics. There are lots of designers and artists who are very talented and creative. They are such a great inspiration to my designs. I came across Emma Jayne’s work on Twitter and started following her on Instagram. Colour and style is what we have in common. I talked to Emma last week and today guys I’m bringing you the interview.

So let me introduce you to Emma and her work. She’s a graphic designer who’s influenced by fashion, interiors and colours. Her work mixes shapes and patterns with style and sophistication. I love how she mixes different techniques using pattern and layering in the background with photography on the front. It looks so effortless even though it is quite complex to do.

Emma Jayne Designs

I love her fashion graphics!

Fashion graphic illustrations

Where has your passion for design stemmed from?

My family are very creative, so I could say that my passion for design has stemmed from this. When I was young (primary school) I used to enjoy entering art competitions, where I was fortunate to win quite a few of them!
I used to visit my grandmother every Thursday and this is when I would knit and sew. My grandmother taught me the basics and then whenever I’d make a garment, I would always change the pattern. I loved adding my own twist to clothes. Looking back, I remember designing clothes as a hobby too. I would sketch designs out and more often than not, I could easily fill a sketch book in a week. I would then show the designs to all of my friends.

 Is there a particular style that defines your work?

I have been designing for some time and even now, I find it hard to define a style as my own! This is mainly because I get inspired by lots of different styles and I’m always trying out new techniques and looks. When you look at my portfolio or Instagram images, you can see that I use a variety of techniques. A Creative Designer once said to me that my style is colourful, sophisticated and stylised. I love colour, shapes and pattern.

What are the most important factors to a successful design project?

Good communication is a big factor to any design project, initially and continuous throughout.  Also, planning, inspiration, intrinsic motivation, discipline and keeping the client’s needs in mind all the time are just all important aspects.

What stage of the design process do you enjoy the most?

This would have to be the development stage! After I am happy with my image and/or text, I am off and running….  I’d say that being experimental and developing the design is when I am in my element!

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging whilst studying on my Master’s degree, as a way of documenting my work.

How has your blog changed since then?

Once I had graduated, blogging became a hobby. I started to blog about artists’ & designers’ work that I liked. Then I added more personal interests such as, fashion, interiors, baking and crafts, including the odd post about my family.

What are your plans for your blog?

I love stationery, and have already started to experiment with patterns and illustrations. I am in the process of planning my own stationery range and will be adding a shop to my blog.  I am really excited about this!

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the design world and blogging?

For any designer who has just started in the design world, I would suggest to stick to your guns. If you like your style, and other people like your style, who cares if some people don’t like it?  Be knowledgeable about anything and everything. This will give you a wider perspective and help make you a more effective communicator. Practice the skills that you learned at university and consider taking on small projects to start building up your design portfolio. Sometimes the small jobs can lead to bigger ones. Lastly, get networking and build up contacts!

Thank you Emma for sharing your work and design experience with me. Great advice for anyone just starting out in the creative world as well. If you need help with any graphics for your business, site or blog, please do contact her for a quote.

Happy Monday!

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