Designer tips: on furniture sets

Buying a furniture set is a common mistake I see people do time and time again. I understand that is so easy to walk in a high street shop like Furniture Village and get everything from one place. I get it.

It’s easy, convenient and cost effective. What you don’t realise is that having matching sofa with armchairs, or matching sideboard and display cabinet with a dining set creates heavy feel and frankly lacks any creativity and personality. My new upcoming project is exactly like that. After a  few years my clients are now tired of living and looking at it. My job is to work around the furniture set and give the room more personality and uniqueness. If you are in a similar situation here are my 5 top tips:

1. Divert the focal point
Instead the furniture being the centre of attention, create a feature wall with wallpaper or art collection.

2. Have your armchairs reupholstered

If you have a seating set (e.g. leather sofa and armchairs) have your armchairs reupholstered in fabric. It can be in chenille or some patterned fabric to again divert and break up the heavy feel.

3. Paint your sideboard or cabinet

Using a bolder colour than the rest of your furniture gives the room personality and interest.

4. Use interesting bedcover

In bedrooms, use an interesting fabric on your bedcover to draw the attention to your bed rather than the matching furniture (bed, chest of drawers, side tables). Don’t forget my previous tip applies in bedrooms too.  You can update your chest of drawers with paint and new contemporary knobs.

5. Use curtains, lighting and rugs 

Bringing curtains, cushions and rugs into your room creates another layer. Hence your furniture set will go into the background. Also consider a ceiling pendant to be the main focal point.

I want to run this feature on my blog every Wednesday for the next 4 weeks. I will share some of my tips with you guys. If you have any questions or need some advice, please get in touch and I will cover it.

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