Designer tips: on blinds

Walking around the Grand Design exhibition couple of weeks ago prompt me to write this post. There was a lot of window treatment products on display in wide range of styles and colours. But don’t get under their spell.

Here is my list of don’ts when it comes to blinds.

1. Do not under no circumstances buy vertical blinds for any of your rooms or conservatory.
Don’t get pursued by clever marketing slogans, pictures like the one below or pushy salesmen.

Time and time again I see vertical blinds in living rooms or even bedrooms. Are you in the office or at home? These blinds are meant for office environment and that’s where they should be. Not in your home! If you moved in your house with them in it, plan to change them. If you are renting, pull them to the sides and install voiles and fabric curtains. I did it once long time ago. I went to Ikea and bought a pair of voiles and curtains which I attached to the existing poles with Velcro. Simple, temporary solution.

2. Do not buy coloured roller blinds

The reason why is that it is very difficult to work around them and update or refresh your room. You’re basically stuck with them for a long long time. Yes they come in any colour of the rainbow but why would you want to draw the eye to a roller blind in the first place? There are lots of under focal areas you can create than your window. My neighbour has this green blackout one which I can see from our garden. She probably bought it long time ago because the colour is so dated. It’s like back to the 70s. No, no, no. Don’t try to “match” the blind with the rest of the interior. Particularly kids rooms are prone to this. Let’s get a pink blind because everything else is pink as well. Think about the balance. This image show white roller blackout blind with sheers…

If I were you I would stick to whites, creams and maybe black or anthracite for a masculine industrial look. Also consider sheer roller blinds like this one..

3. Select the correct type of blinds according to your room function and usage

Ask yourself would roller or Roman blind fit into this space better. My personal option is that I wouldn’t put a roller blind in a bedroom. Kitchens and bathrooms yes, be my guest,  but not bedrooms. I would rather go for Romans. With Romans you have the freedom to introduce some  texture and style. To soften it, I like the idea of sheers over the Romans like this one …

See what I mean by introducing some texture?

4. Stay in neutral colours on Venetian blinds
Same rules applies to Venetians. Ditch the idea of getting pink, blue, red or purple Venetian blinds. Stay with neutrals but personally, talking from my own experience, I would avoid white. It’s pretty hard to keep them clean. Soft grey, beige, taupe and light browns are the best. Also don’t be afraid of black like this one in teenage boy’s room. They are great as a backdrop and contemporary as well.

If you are thinking about your window treatment and need some advice, drop me a line. I’ll be happy to help.

Credits: Tobi Fairley, Lucy and Company, other sources Houzz and Pinterest


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