Designer tips: on leather sofa

Have you got a leather or faux leather sofa? Well, here is my tip on how to make it look great. I must admit I don’t have a leather sofa and never really wanted one.  I remember our first home as a child we had a dark chocolate

brown faux leather, very big sofa and I didn’t like it. Every time I was sitting on it, especially in the summer months,  when it was boiling hot, I sat on it and got stuck to it. That feeling on the skin, the sticking and then the coldness at first and getting hot on my bum after a while honestly put me off purchasing one for my current family room. I mean, if it was one of the extra very soft real Italian leather sofas I would consider it but I still prefer fabric. Also I find that leather requires only certain types of fabrics which go well with it. So my designer’s tip this week is, if you have a leather sofa don’t accessorise it with silk cushions. No matter how pretty the cushion is these two materials are not meant to be together. I would rather go for rough linen, brushed cotton, poly-cotton or velvet. Also fluffy fabrics like sheep or lamb fur go well with leather. You want to create a contrast that is balanced. Play with textures and patterns. Combine graphics with soft floral designs, stripes and tie it all with one solid velvet or chenille colour cushion. Use wool or fur blankets for extra layer. Here are few examples.

via centsetionalgirl


designed by Oliver Burns

via Lextravagance on flickr

designed by Caitlin Wilson

Have you got a leather sofa? How are you finding living with it?

PS. This is the last post in this mini series. Next week I want to go back to smart buys under £50 series but if you have any questions or would like a second opinion on anything related to decorating or designer’s tips please feel free to get in touch.

 Cover photo credit: lucy and company


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