DIY: gold christmas wreath

Over the weekend we’ve been Christmas decorating. I don’t usually spend much money on new decorations and always try to utilise everything I have before getting new stuff. Last year I made our front door Christmas wreath which was basically only a rattan wreath decorated with ribbon bows. This year I gave it a quick update with a gold garland. Take a look.



I bought the garland from The Range for £14.99 and added the mix leaf pick and 3 gold berry picks. The ribbons I already had so I put one gold one on either side with the red ribbon bow on the top. I’ not sure if the golden garland is still available in shops but it wasn’t on their website. The Range doesn’t normally displays all of their products on their website so you might be lucky getting one in the shop. As a substitute I found this gold leaf garland in B&Q for the same price which is definitely still available.

But you don’t have to stick to these. This is just to give you some idea of how you can make your own front door wreath. I decided to do mine because I wanted gold one against our red door and I couldn’t find anything I liked within my price range. This one cost just under £29 plus around 15 min of making it. Not bad, don’t you think?

How about you? Have you done some quick DIY Christmas projects this season? I’m really struggling this year because I left everything for the last minute. Over the weekend I found out how stressful Christmas preps are especially when most things are sold out!! So annoying, right?

Back tomorrow with my biz post. See you then.

Karolina Barnes



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