DIY: Mongolian lamb stool from Ikea

I, first, came across the Mongolian lamb stool at the Maison & Object exhibition in Paris last September on Jonathan Adler stand. I wrote about it here. Here is the photo from his stand…

I know, it’s not a very good image, more like a closeup. But it looks like this..

Last month I was reading Mimosa Lane blog about her DIY stool which she got inspired to do from Preciously Me blog. So I checked them out both(see below) and decided to have a go at it myself.

Left: Preciously Me, right: Mimosa Lane

I bought a Marius black stool from Ikea for £3, and got a Mongolian lamb large cushion. I browsed the internet and even though I found some cheap cushions they didn’t have good reviews. In the end I found one from West Elm. I also used some gold spray paint which I had from a previous project.

Unfortunately I don’t have the step-by-step photos of I did it (silly me, I have to remember for next time!) but I started by assembling the stool together following the Ikea instructions. Then I masked the area on all 4 legs where I wanted the golden legs borderline to be. I decided on 12cm off the end of the leg as an ideal point. I made sure I covered the rest of the legs with baking foil and turned the stool upside down for spraying. I applied one coat of Clear Matt Sealer after 2 coats of spray for better protection. I went around sewing and simply found 35 x 35cm cushion filler, which I already had. The cushion cover is 51 x 51cm so I put the cushion filler in like a diamond so the corners of the cushion filler where in the centre of the cushion cover width. This gave me 4 empty triangular ends which I folded around the stool seat and tied them together with ribbons I hand stitched to each corner of the cushion.

Sorry about the photo. It’s not great but you can see the corners(triangles) and the ribbons. Very fluffly! I also trimmed “the fringe” little bit so it doesn’t look so long, sheep-ish.

And here it is..

And that’s it. No sewing machine needed. Anyone can do it.

Have a great weekend. I will be back on Monday.

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