Fabric designer: Zara Day

I recently received a trade newsletter from one of my suppliers highlighting the work and bespoke services of Zara Day. I think her textile design is absolutely brilliant. Because majority of her work is bespoke and designed
to a client’s specification, there is only a limited collection to show you as examples. She specialises in mixing printed and embroidered fabric techniques. She uses accent bold colours, which I love,  to make her designs feminine yet modern and unique. Mainly working with British made wool or silk fabric the design can run across the whole piece of furniture or trail from the base. The design options are literally limitless.


I love the choice of colours on this detailed floral design. From soft pastel lilac to deep rich purple and fuchsia as accents.


On this yellow chair I love how she uses little bit of teal blue just on the very small detail. So gentle and subtle, don’t you think?


And this one? I love everything about it. The design, contrasting bold colours and the piping detail. Stunning!



But out of them all this, last one, is my favourite. There is something about this colour combo that speaks to me the most. If I had to describe my personality on a fabric this one is pretty close. Bold, yet not aggressive. Statement piece that doesn’t need to seek attention. Imagine this in a reading corner of a living room or bedroom. I would keep the colour palette similar but maybe using ivory grasscloth wallpaper as a backdrop.

Any favourites? Where would you use these kind of statement chairs? To find out more about Zara Day’s work, please visit her website. If you’re inspired to have a bespoke design made for you, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Karolina Barnes Studio


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