Family friendly holiday in Cyprus

Finding the perfect family holiday hotel, I personally think, is so stressful. Maybe it’s because our family has to cater for very varied personal needs. For me, it’s all about relaxation on the beach. Ideally, I want to escape the civilisation and be somewhere on a remote island for 2 weeks. But for my youngest it’s all about having fun and finding her little holiday friend to play with. To sum up we want little bit of luxury but in a child friendly environment.

So when we found this small family owned chain of 3 luxury hotels (the Thanos Hotels) in Paphos, Cyprus, we almost ticked all the boxes. For starter, 2 of the 3 hotels (Annabelle and Almyra) are next to each other right on the beach which means that staying in one gives you the access to all the facilities of the other. The combination of both provides you with a fun complex of several pools with an artificial waterfall for the kids, but also the escape to the luxurious spa facilities.




There is also a bigger choice of dining facilities which are both formal (a-la-carte) and informal (on the beach or pool bar).


The accommodation is also ideal for us. Not many hotels provide a family studio, which we prefer, to the traditional alternative of having 2 connecting rooms. Maybe next year we try them out but for now, we like the idea of staying in one larger space than 2 smaller ones. Here’s an example of the room set up.



Here’s how the Annabelle’s hotel’s library looks like. Typical Mediterranean architecture with its subtle nautical hues..


The hotel lobby with its polished Crema Marfil tiles, dark wood accents and soft colour palette sets the tone of the overall Annabelle hotel’s decor.



The only downside (to some) is that the beach is quite small. But my two girls are not so keen on it anyway, so it’s not a big problem for us.


Before I go, I want to show you one more picture which gave me inspiration for a feature wall. This is in the main restaurant of the Annabelle hotel where breakfast and dinner is served everyday. BTW, you can choose between B&B, half board and full board.


If you want to see more pictures, head over to my Instagram and Facebook. By the way, all images are my own apart from the two poolside images and the beautiful Cypriot Meze set up taken from the Thanos hotels website.

Karolina xx

PS. My 10 design tips for family friendly home is still available, but not for long. I’ve been working on another fully actionable Freebie, which I’m planning to launch next week!