Family friendly hotel in Geneva

*Well, here goes my blogging everyday challenge out of the window! If you’re my blog’s dedicated fan, sorry about the lack of posts last week. I have three words for you: busy, busy, busy. Honestly, I’m rushing everywhere like a headless chicken. BUT I’m back..organised and composed.*

Today’s post is a mix of travel and interior/colour/style inspiration. As you know hotels are one of my biggest inspirations for my projects. Shocking? Why do I feel so drawn to person-less environments when I promote “go for colour and individuality” design in my work, you might wonder. But, I look at the design with my practical eye rather than the creative one.

We all know that hotel rooms are quite small. Even suites! The way they are designed is very clever though. They use every inch, tricking the eye. Result? Making you feel welcomed, warm, comfortable, right?

When we lived in Switzerland, we used to go traveling at weekends to other parts of the country. We found it very fascinating that there are 3 very distinct regions where they speak different language, behave differently, eat different food but yet it’s all within one small country.

Anyway, one bank holiday weekend we ventured out to Geneva, which was under 3 hours by train from Zurich. Firstly, A.M.A.Z.I.N.G city. Similar to Zurich, the city has a lake with its famous Jet d’Eau.

The hotel we stayed in was Warwick Geneva which is located close to the main railway station and within a walking distance from the city centre.

The decor was modern/timeless with neutral backdrop and hints of colour here and there. Aubergine, deep earthy red and tangerine are the accent colours.

I love the window treatment here. It’s actually the other way round than it’s usually done. The decorative patterned sheer is pulled over the heavy fabric blackout curtain. I think it’s such a cool detail! The sheer brings interest to the space but provides privacy at the same time.

This is the main restaurant, if you’re half board, this is where you have your breakfast and dinner. Again the colour palette is very similar to the rooms upstairs.

Pattern and texture play. The custom wood work with the textiles and the artwork is JUST so amazing here.

This is the bar. How great is aubergine and gold together? I mean, so chic! The LED strip running under the bar marble worktop highlights the gold trim and definitely makes it more elegant and timeless piece of furniture.


The soft pale lilac from the chair fabric above is pulled out and making it the main accent colour in this space below. See how the space is still all tied in together yet it has its own individually? Here one of the accent colours, which is very limited in other parts of the hotel, has a much stronger presence. If you look at the bar space and this one below, you see that the aubergine has a bigger presence in the bar but minimal presence in this reception room, and the soft lilac is the other way round. Just a hint of the chairs in the bar area but stronger presence in this room below.

This is exactly what I’m applying in my designs. Pulling out colours from room to room in different levels so the overall interior is cohesive yet each room is very individual! It’s not so chaotic and schizophrenic, I think.

As usual with my travel inspo post I’ve pulled this bedroom together for ideas to take away and apply in your home.




Sources: Bed and frame bespoke design / display cabinet / table lamp / side table / wallpaper / cushions on bed / art / ceiling pendant / rug / Clarke & Clarke fabric / Fired Earth paint / Valspar paint 

Happy Monday!

Karolina Barnes Studio


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