Fashion: Finding my style

I’ve decided to change things up a bit in my fashion feature and really explore and define my own style. Since my teenage years and a very brief modelling experience I always loved fashion. I find it so amazing how a simple piece of clothing can have an impact on your mood and confidence. Same actually applies to interiors when working with fabrics, wallpapers, colours and textures. I’ve never been one of those crazy experimental teenagers but I was always drawn to simple, chic, elegant and timeless fashion. In my youth I liked 40s and 50s fashion and was glued to the TV watching black & white movies. When I was 18 I designed my own prom dress inspired my the movie stars I admired at that time. My mum knew a lady who specialised my dress making and so I picked my own fabric in her studio and had it made. Few years later my cousin wore it on her prom too. I even sketched few other designs which I still have somewhere.  Since becoming a mum I think I lost a lot of my personal style. With lack of time for myself if I need something I just go shopping and try to buy what I think I like. But I want to get more strategic and match my new purchases with what I already have and really define my wardrobe. One thing I must say though  I never follow trends, i.e. I don’t own Uggs, track suites or flip flops. So if you are expecting latest hot piece here, well sorry to disappoint. I’m not a fashion stylist. I don’t wear clothes that don’t fit my body type.  Like in interiors I like colours and patterns which I definitely need more of in my wardrobe. So let’s kick off with yellow jumper. I bought one recently in H&M as a test. And yesterday we did a photoshoot at home for my website so I took the opportunity to wear it. Take a look.

It’s sort of mustard yellow so more warmer tone of yellow which I like. Unfortunately they don’t have it online anymore but I found another one which is exactly the same colour but cable knit. I actually prefer it more as it has more texture. I get that yellow is not for everyone and it requires some confidence to wear it but I quite like it. I paired it with dark navy cropped trousers from M&S and the animal print blouse from Next. I wore similar shoes to these ones which  I found in M&S. The glass crystal bracelet I bought in Prague but I found similar one in Ted Baker.

Any thoughts? Have you got yellow piece of clothing in your wardrobe? Do you feel you need to find your own style again? Let me know.

Have a great weekend!

Karolina Barnes


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