Fashion to room design

If you’re not following me on Instagram then come over! I look to fashion for inspiration and love to pair some really great interiors with fashion. Because fashion is my number one source of inspiration.  Both disciplines work with fabrics – textures, colours, patterns. You can learn so much by just studying how designers put an outfit together. Let’s look at some of my pairings from my Instagram.  Get ready for some colour explosion. I started doing this last September so there’s quite a few to go through. Enjoy!

Animal print and blue

Teal and black

Orange and white

Coral and navy

Purple and yellow

Olive green and peach

Sugar pink and blue

Chanel multicolours and patterns

Purple and blue

Gold and emerald

Fuchsia and grey

Olive green and navy

Fuchsia and teal

Blue and red

Blue and yellow

Purple and peach

Mint and dark navy blue

Do you look to fashion for inspiration? Hope to see you on Instagram! Have a great weekend everyone!

Karolina Barnes Studio

All images via my Pinterest boards