Fashion: white jeans in winter

I don’t know about you but I’m still doing some Christmas shopping, virtually, for meeeeee! These presents are from PB/Santa (wink wink). While living in Brussels years ago I bought white jeans in the winter as it was very trendy back then. I’m still loving the look but I think you need a bit of confidence to wear them in the city, in the middle of winter. To pull them off and to protect yourself from dirt I’d wear them with knee height boots.  Here are some white jeans colour combos for inspiration.


I did a quick search and found these..


White jeans, Levis (on sale now for £55.00)
Grey jumper, Marks & Spencer, £29.50
Faux fur gilet, Wallis, £55.00
Yellow scarf, Burberry, £195.00

Are you brave enough to wear white jeans?

Have a great weekend guys!

Karolina Barnes

Photo credit: source here


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