Garden party table dressing

After days of raining and strong winds which felt like winter is never going to go away,  today feels finally like summer-ish. It’s not hot but the sun is out. Hooray!!

Today I have a quick shopping list for you if you’re planning to invite friends for a garden party or maybe your kids will have playdates after school before the big summer break. Whatever it is you’re going to organise, just think practically. I personally never like purchasing anything which I can’t use on regular basis. You know, for example, like buying seasonal things which you only use at certain time of the year. I feel like if I do that, we have tonnes of stuff we don’t use that just sit there collecting dust or taking up space in cupboards. So all of the items on the shopping list below  you can easily use all year round and everyday.

I started my table setting with the blue glazed linen table runner and layered it with yellow striped table mats. I like the contrast between these two colours, especially in summer months. It goes really well with the greenery and plants I have in my garden. To throw the colour scheme out of balance (so it’s not so matchy-matchy), I introduced mint green and neutral grey as accents.

Depending on the type of table you have, you can also start with plain white table cloth first and layer it as I described above. Remember those mediterranean restaurants on holiday? Sitting outside eating seafood on a table dressed with white table cloth and locally made placemats? Steal this idea and implement it in your home or garden.



SHOP THEM HERE: blue glazed linen table runner, £24  / set of 2 placemats, £24   / set of 4 geometric glass, £42 / set of 4 napkins, £18  / glass jug, £19 / set of 4 plates, £35 / candle lantern, £16


1. start with a solid colour scheme of at least 4 colours (consider the colours of your surrounding environment)

2. buy only pieces which you can see using all year round 

3. invest in stain proof, easy to wash table cloth or runner

4. layer, layer, layer (e.g. table cloth – table runner – placemats – plates – napkins – and everything around it)

5. don’t clutter your table with too many decorative objects. Remember food and drinks need to go on there somewhere too.

6. have fun with it

I’m planning my garden party this month so stay tuned. Hopefully the weather will be good!! Fingers crossed!

Karolina Barnes Studio