Great interior design book for inspiration

When I get stressed out, I do few things to help me relax. One is cleaning. And two is reading books. In particular design books. They are very easy to get into and are full of inspiration which gets me going. The wheels in my brain start to turn and I’m beginning to be full of ideas.

The latest book I’ve been inspired by is “A Living Space” by Kit Kemp. I think this is such a great interior design book for inspiration. I already said it several times here that I love Kit’s design work and how she uses colours, patterns and textures to lift the interior to a happy and welcoming environment.

You can read more about her designs here and while there also get some great ideas on how to bring your personality into your bedroom.

The book is divided into 10 chapters by themes such as “Living with the things you love” or “Antique with modern”. At the beginning of the book she talks about “The Six Senses of Design” where she describes how design influences are sight, smell, taste, touch, sound and fun! So for example when she talks about sight, she explains how she introduces colour into a room through objects. All you need is one key focal point which shines against a neutral backdrop.

I also love how she include FUN as a sense because at the end of the day design should be about having fun. Taking risks, trying out different things. Finding unusual objects or artwork. As she says: “So much gets taken too seriously these days – I like to poke fun at those who try to dictate what we should and shouldn’t have or do, and I find that a humorous take on art is the perfect way to do this”.


The books has stunning photography featuring her trademark bold and colourful interiors.

If you’re not brave enough to use colour in your home, or you’re unsure about colour combinations, this book will open your eyes and give you the encouragement to just have a go!

Remember I always say there is no right or wrong in design as long as it feels right to you. So go on, get this book here and start changing your home the way you always wanted it to be.

Karolina Barnes Studio