Great interiors blogs you need to read

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the bank holiday weekend. Before I get into today’s post, I just wanted to say that it’s been exactly one year since I decided to take blogging more seriously and blog everyday – 5 days a week. And even though it’s been hard at times to keep this up, I must say that I love it. I know many “online experts” say that you don’t have to blog everyday these days, that content and value is more important, which I couldn’t agree more with, but there is something in me that drives me to creating my own content everyday.

I don’t exactly know what it is but from my experience with anything I’ve done in the past there was always a reason for doing things I did at that time which led me to new opportunities and when looking back it sort of makes all sense. Do you ever go through a phase you don’t really know why you’re doing what you’re doing but something is telling you to keep going? So even though I’m still not sure why I’m producing these posts everyday, apart from the fact that I love sharing my knowledge, project designs, tips and what inspires me, I know that it will lead me to new opportunities in future. So here’s to another blogging year full of inspiration and colour!

So that’s my little spiel on my blogging and now to my great interiors blogs I read for inspiration:

1. Elements of Style by Erin Gates

Erin Gates is an interior designer and on her blog she shares her inspiration, design projects and little bit of fashion. Her style is a mix of traditional with modern but she puts her own unique twist into her work.  She is also New York Times best selling author of a design book of the same name – Elements of Style. Everybody who’s interested in interiors should get this book. It’s beautifully written, has stunning photography and has an unique take on design. You can read her blog and follow her on

erin gates elements of style


2. Jill Sorensen – Live Like You

Jill Sorensen is an interior designer and a lifestyle brand. Originally from Sweden but living in LA, Jill uses bold colours and patterns in her designs. It’s so nice to see a designer who works with what I call “happy colours” in interiors which are her signature style. On her blog she shares her projects, style and inspiration. You can read her blog on



3.  Studio Ten 25 Blog

Abbie Fenimore is the designer behind Studio Ten 25. She was named by Rue magazine as one of the designers to watch in 2015. She creates beautiful and liveable interiors with her unique style and great attention to detail. You can follow her blog on

studio ten 25 blog

4. Tobi Fairley Blog

Tobi Fairley is an interior designer, mentor and businesswoman. I love her blog where she shares her design projects, her process, inspiration and advice. Her style is very unique and as she describes it it’s bright, bold and tailored. Her projects are very interesting and colourful. You can find her blog on

5. Adore Magazine Blog

Adore Magazine is Australian first online home and lifestyle magazine set up by interior designer Lori Parker in 2010 and since then it’s gone absolutely massive. Last year they also launched ADORE BOOK featuring modern and colourful interiors. Every time I read Adore there is so much inspiration. I love it. You can check it out on

Adore magazine blog

Do you have any other suggestions for colourful interiors blogs?

Karolina Barnes Studio