Heavy metal



More and more I see metal wall sculptures, lights or mirrors in interiors. I recently specified a sculptural mirror similar to the above from Style Craft for a quick bedroom makeover. Stay tuned for more details. I wouldn’t say it’s a trend per se. Rather I see it as a different decorating element through which you can express your personality. If you are struggling finding that perfect piece of art or accessory which  you and your hubby can agree on, metal sculptures is the perfect neutral. Yes, it will depend on the style and design itself, but in general this option can be easier to agree on. Personally speaking, I love metals and I love mixing them too. Silver, gold and brass in whatever form (antique, brushed, polished) mixed with corten for example is such a great combo. Mixing textures and finishes to me is like mixing any other type of material being tiles, wallpaper or fabrics. So approach it in the same way and don’t be afraid. Just go for it. xkb

P.S. Want to know where designers source for their projects? Download the resource book below.