High In Style – February issue

February was so short, even with the extra day. I just realised that I didn’t let you know about our February issue.  The more issues we’re publishing and the more content we do, the harder it is for me. I know I’m giving myself more and more work to do but really I want to grow the mag and its community and provide the best information and inspiration we can do within our means so far.

From the start I knew that the focus of the magazine should be on style that is timeless and elegant, rather than be a “trend” following magazine. There are plenty of those out there already anyway. I also believe that style is a mind set and a way of living. Many people relate style only to fashion but the message I want to put across is that style is who you are. The way you talk, carry yourself, interact with others, what you wear and of course what objects you surround yourself with and how you live ..behind the closed door. It’s also something which is constantly evolving as you go through life and gain experiences and knowledge. It’s something that defines who you are.

So the February issue will hopefully inspire you and give you some ideas on the way. We’re talking contemporary interiors that are full of colour and personality (no bland all white showrooms here!!), the jeans and the fast moving fashion, how to take care of your hands which usually suffer over the winter, healthy recipe, a family ski trip to France and much much more.

Have quick flick through, read the stories, if you haven’t done so already and let me know what you think on Twitter.

Happy reading!